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  • Ceddy in the daffodils ... he says it all!
  • The upper hill of "Ice Follies" blooms first followed by the lower "Thalia" field.
  • Peonies in a row. Semi-Double, Double, and Japanese Single Peonies come in beautiful colors.
  • Field of daffodils
  • A plate of expectations.
  • Princess Margaret, a rose pink Double and Doreen, a Japanese single.
  • Heirloom Fragtant and lovely, heirloom freesias grow from seed, bulbs and offsets.
  • Daffodils come in many shapes, sizes, heights and blooming times.
  • Blushing Beauty is one of my favorite tulips and the tallest tulip at 36".
  • Golden Dawn is a California bred hybrid narcissus created for warm climates and it multiplies.


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You have found the right place for some of the best and most beautiful flowers for planting in your home or garden. You will also find information on what is best for mild climates for creating beautiful landscapes.  

For over forty years, I have been interested in flowers and gardening, so it was only natural that that love would spill over into the business of providing flowering bulbs for last twenty eight years. In the early days I grew cut flowers from seed, cuttings, starts and bulbs. I am intimately familiar with everything I sell. My favorite bulbs, roots, and corms for landscaping and decorative seasonal plantings are offered here on this site.  In the mid-80’s,  I “introduced” the peony to California because of the kind coverage by Sunset Magazine of my own successes, and offered peonies for sale from the inception of my business.  Finding ways to grow peonies and other bulbs in warm climates is now my specialty.

My educational background is in Economics and Photography. When I first began to advertise my bulbs, I learned the art of closeup photography and used those images of beautiful flowers in a simple catalog. My experience in this area has been useful in my travels to every continent photographing flora, landscape, wide expanses and big, wild animals.  Today, I consider myself mainly a landscape photographer.

You will find on this site information on my favorite flowers for sale and information on how and when to plant. If you have any questions beyond the scope here, I am always available via email to answer them. Happy planting. – Marde Ross & Company.

Marde Ross

Marde Ross & Company

Marde on Daffodil Hillside