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Marde’s Garden – video by Jean Wells
Marde Gardner Ross
Marde Ross, Economics B.A., Stanford University

As the proprietor of Marde Ross & Company, a distributor of flowering bulbs since 1985, I grow peonies and have a private “daffodil hill”  in Glen Ellen, California containing over 160,000 daffodils.

In 1985 in order to provide flower images for my catalog, I began studying photography. I use Nikon 35 mm and medium format Pentax equipment.

In 1997, after years of flower and garden photography, I began taking workshops from British photographers through the British company, Light and Land, and learned landscape photography with them in several European countries and the U.S., India, Hebrides Islands, Scotland as well as Yosemite, Death Valley and the red rocks of Utah and Arizona. I traveled  to Africa and Asia for wildlife, to Churchill, Canada, for polar bears, and Alaska for grizzlies and have been to all seven continents. Specific trips were made to Japan to catch the Japanese maples in Kyoto and to Giverney, France to photograph Monet’s water lilies on an artist’s day.

In 2004, I went to Alaska and Japan, and took Galen Rowell’s last two workshops using film before his untimely death. In 2006, I began using digital cameras in Antarctica and traveled to national parks in Chile and Argentina and later that year to Peru for a month.  We visited Machu Picchu and the Manu preserve in Amazonia.  Upon my return, I took digital printing and editing workshops from Stephen Johnson in Pacifica, California. In 2007 I went India for a month.  In 2008, India, Nepal and Bhutan were my destinations with my eldest son.  I have made frequent visits to Brazil where my youngest son lived for several years.

Marde Ross

• London – 1998
• Palo Alto – 2000
• London – 2001
• Glen Ellen – 2008