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Daffodil Culture: Daffodils should be planted to a depth of about three times the height of the bulb. I like to have about six inches of earth above a cluster of 5 or 7 daffodils planted in the same hole. After the bloom is finished, allow them to die back naturally. It is detrimental, regardless of what you read, to tie, braid or otherwise hamper the capillary flow of nutrients back into the bulb after the bloom is finished.

Ceddy in Upper Ice Follies Hillside

Ceddy in Upper Hillside

Upper Ice Follies Hillside finishing and lower Thalia Hillside starting to bloom.

Upper Ice Follies Hillside

Marde has planted over 180,000 daffodils on her hillsides on the sloping sides of ten acres in Glen Ellen.  Visitors are welcome in the springs especially in March when most of the daffodils are in bloom.  In February, February Gold blooms along with others if the temperatures are warm.  The later daffodils/narcissi still blooming in April are mainlyThalia, White Lion, Cheerfulness, Yellow Cheerfulness, and Salome.

The first of the show is February Gold followed by Dutch Master, a medium yellow trumpet, Golden Dawn, Scarlet O’Hara, Ice Follies, Unsurpassable, Trevithian (Jonquil) and the little ones, Tete a Tete and Jet Fire in somewhat random order.  Also blooming at that time are magnolias, freesias, anemones, Antique Freesias and other bulbs.  The weather is chilly usually, but also sunny between the showers that arrive in time to encourage the daffodils to really spring forth.  Many times, they emerge without any moisture and seems to survive and thrive anyway, especially as the rain begins to really soak the ground if it hasn’t beforehand.  

Customers and the public are invited to call and make appointment to walk along the quarter mile of blue stone paths that meander amid the daffodils.  The first hillsides are a Mixed Hillside with Ice Follies, Scarlet O’Hara, Salome, Golden Dawn, Tete a Tete and Jet Fire.  Almost simultaneously, Ice Follies springs forth on the White Hillsides followed by the Thalia expanse on the hillside below the steps whiich seems to go on indefinitely.