Lily of the Valley Pips

Lily of the Valley Pips – 6 White Bare Root Pips

The Culture of Lily of the Valley pips

Lily of the valley Pips product beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom in May.

Plant the Lily of the Valley pips just at the soil surface and water in.  They will bloom in May and come back year after year.

Find a location where the soil drains well.


Site your "pips" or bulbous roots where they will receive light to moderate shade

If dry, soak your Lily of the Valley pips in lukewarm water before planting. The pips will absorb water, wake up and be ready to take off. Before tucking your pips into the planting medium, snip the last 1/2" inch off the roots. This will activate the roots, encourage moisture uptake and jump start the growing process. Plant your lily of the valley so the tops (points) barely poke above the soil surface, about 1 1/2" apart. Don't wait too long, as Lily of the Valley pips can dry up if left out of the ground (and out of a humidity controlled cooler) for more than a week or ten days.

After planting, water generously, soaking the soil to settle it around the roots. Top growth will begin to form quickly, usually in just a week or so, depending on the amount of available warmth.

Provide supplemental water, as needed in the spring, summer and fall; about 1" total (rain and irrigation) per week is a good general estimate.

AFTERWARD: Lily of the Valley pips

After blooming has finished for the season leave the foliage in place; don’t cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the plants for the future. Water as needed. Leaves may be removed if they yellow later in the season. This depends location as lily of the valley make a nice evergreen groundcover in many areas where the weather is warm to moderately cold.


Lily of the Valley comes in pink as well as in white.  Plant them using the same directions.


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