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Gloriosa Rothschildiana Superba Lily Tubers Fresh and Available Now!

Originally from Africa, Gloriosa lilies are beautiful, easy to grow, and will multiply.

Gloriosa Rothschildiana Superba Lily Tubers Fresh and Available Now!

Glowing crimson red with a yellow base and slight yellow edge, they are a splendid low climber, easy to grow. Grows 5-6 feet high, producing many lily-like flowers of exceptional beauty over an extended period, are suitable for potting and are long lasting cut flowers. If the flower vines are not cut, the tubers will double and they are perfectly adapted to our area. They will take full sun, good drainage. Water well while growing and provide something to climb on like walls, fences, trellises.

Gloriosa Lily Blooms

Culture of the Floriosa Lily:
Lay long tubers flat and cover with soil. The tubers can be planted in a trench along a fence or wall about 6″ apart and about 3-4″ deep in good soil with drainage. Water thoroughly. When growth begins in the spring. they should be given a liquid fertilizer once a week to encourage new growth. Later on in the season a half strength fertilizer added to the water every two weeks will keep plants blooming strongly throughout the summer and sometimes further into early autumn.

Gloriosa Tuber

The tubers are fresh and ready to plant!