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Cheap Tulips, Cheap Daffodils, Cheap Bulbs

I took pictures of all of my daffodil bulbs one year against a ruler to show the size. Bulbs differ in size according to variety, but one rule seems to hold true – plant a smaller bulb than the largest that can be bought per variety, and you will short yourself on the result.

The labor involved in planting bulbs easily overshadows the bulb cost, but some people think that they will come out ahead by picking up a few dozen as the big box stores and garden centers where the bulbs are exposed to heat and sunlight.

You get what you pay for is truly the name of the game!

Hand Holding Small Daffodil Bulb

Cheap equals smaller.  Smaller equals fewer blooms.  The large bulbs, which are what I distribute, will produce at least 2-3 flowers per bulb while the smaller bulb will produce a single, probably shorter, flower.

Two Large Daffodil Bulbs

My daffodil bulbs are the largest available and can be called “Mother Bulbs” in some cases. They are not sold in nurseries as the shipping is very expensive.  The imported daffodil bulbs and other catalog offeringd are usually “double nose #2” or single bulbs as are Costco’s daffodils which come in bags while mine come in crates.

Plate of Daffodil Bulbs