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In California, tulips are usually a one year proposition, as they need colder temperatures to re-bloom.  However, in California, they are the very harbinger of spring and their vibrant and varied colors give us a jolt of pleasure as they emerge after the dreariest of seasons.  Darwin Hybrids are the one group of tulips that have the best chance of re-blooming if give no summer water.

Culture:  Plant tulip bulbs about 3-6 inches below the surface of the soil depending on whether they are to be removed or left in the ground, and water well.  I treat them as annuals and replace them every year, so I plant them shallowly to facilitate pulling them out after bloom. 

Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty – Tallest Tulip at 3 feet

Blushing Beauty is one of the tallest tulips along with Temple of Beauty whiich is a sister hybrid,


Sorbet – One of the latest tulips (Single Late Variety)

Sorbet is one of my favorite tulips as are the others on this page, but it is special because it is one of the last to bloom and has a thick, waxy petal that is long lasting as a cut flower.  Red and white are also my school colors!

Fantasy Tulip

Fantasy – Parrot Tulip

A wonderful parrot tulip that is late.

Temple of Beauty

Temple of Beauty – Another very tall tulip

A sister of Blushing Beauty, tall and lovely.

White Parrot

White Parrot Tulip

Among parrot tulips, this is a favorite.

Menton Tulip

Menton, Single Late Tulip

Menton has been a staple of my tulip bed every year since I found it.

Maureen Tulip

Maureen, Single Late Tulip

Maureen as well as Menton and the tulipe below, Renown, are sports of the original tulip called Mrs. Scheepers which is yellow and grown less frequently now.

Renown Tulip

Renown, Rose Pink Single Late Tulip

Another sport of Mrs. Scheepers.