Tulips will be Ready to Plant in December

Tulips will be Ready to Plant in December 

I have quanties of less than 100 of most of the tulips I sell.  They are in the walk in refrigerator getting their full allottment of cold and will be ready to plant upon receipt.  

As they come in so many colors, they can fill a garden bed with the most wonderful colors in spring of every shade.  The shortest tulips bloom first with Apricot Beauty, a Triumph variety leading the pack.  Next come early parrots like Apricot Parrot and the Peony Flowered tulips ike Angelique and Mt. Tacoma.  Darwin Hybrids follow along and are the ones most likely to rebloom.  The latest are the tall single late tulips with the exception of Blushing Beauty which is the tallest and also early.

When I lived in Palo Alto, I planted my front garden with a couple of thousand tulips every year.  On one occasion, Sunset Magazine photopraphed my twins planting their selected plots in the front. David planted white tulips and Catherine planted Apricot Beauty and Blushing Beauty together and they were each delighted with the results as was Sunset Magazine.

Tulips will be ready to plant in December



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